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Hello everyone!  Welcome to Living Well.  I believe our body is fearfully and wonderfully made and desires to be in health.  Watching so many struggle to find real answers and solutions led me to further my education in the health and wellness field.  I wanted a scientifically proven program, so DSWI with Dr. Sears Wellness Institute was my foundational training.

Watching several family members suffer with a horrible cancer diagnosis led me to pursue a certification with the Beat Cancer Organization.  With my love of learning and always wanting to further my understanding, I completed the Full Body Systems, Functional Nutrition Counselor Certification with Functional Nutrition Alliance.

I believe when we pursue better health with the understanding that all things are connected – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically – we can calm the storm, clear the muddy waters, uncover any deficiency and dysfunction, bringing the body back into a balanced state to allow the body to function in health and healing.

Why Living Well – Why Me?

With the gift of curiosity, I’m always asking why.  To me, every question is important.  It’s as much about what you don’t know as what you DO know.  Through our in-depth intake and discovery process, we will be asking why, what’s going on in there.  We will peel the layers back to uncover the root cause of your concern.  With advanced educational tools such as AO Scan Technology, we expand our ability to see where the body is out of balance.  Nutrition and lifestyle choices are the foundations for good health.  We can equip our bodies to THRIVE, not just survive through this journey.  Let’s DO this together.  I want to help you live the life you are called to.  You are a GIFT, let’s take your health back!

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Benefits of working with a Health Coach


Boost energy levels and reduce stress


Sleep better and think sharper


Become fit, strong and flexible


Experience a more active and truly energetic life


Discover a personalized weight control plan that actually works


Reduce pain and inflammation


Boost your immune system


Improve blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol


Reduce your medical expenses


Help your body create its own medicine


YOUR Guide to Nutrition

Have you ever wondered how to have resilience in your health or how your immune system functions?  

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“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.“
3John 1:2