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Andrya Martin

Hello, I’m Andrya Martin, Certified Health and Cancer Coach. I help clients focus on their body’s unique design to function and the ability to live a life of health, hope and vitality. Through a simple process of discovery, we will partner together to uncover your individual plan of best practices to help you navigate through your journey of health.

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My desire to have better health for our struggling family led me to become a mom with a deep desire to understand why and how sickness and disease could be eliminated. My youngest child developed RSV at the early age of 10 days old. As a mom of four other children, I knew his health challenges were not normal and we were in a battle for his health. The frequent use of antibiotics and steroids were wreaking havoc on his body. During this time, I was also in my own health challenge due to stress and poor choices. I knew there had to be a better way, so my search for answers became a passion.

I became so curious about the body’s ability to heal. This led me to further my education and dive deeper into the unique design of our body and what takes place when our body is functioning in optimal health warding off sickness and disease. Studies prove our body has the ability to heal, our job is to give it the tools to do just that.